13 Day Camel Trek the southern mountain massifs

Day 1
Leave Dahab heading south to Wadi Kied where our camels await us. After packing our equipment onto the backs of our camels and a short lesson in camel riding, ride to the oasis of Ain el Kied and overnight .

Day 2
Ride through Wadi Tabeg along Jebel Thaalba for Lunch at Hassa el Marzagga and further to Wadi el Mahala . Overnight

Day 3
Morning ride through Wadi Fare Dhall to Wadi el Ahmar (Red Valley). Afternoon free to explore the landscape. Overnight.

Day 4
Ride north through Wadi el Ahmar to Wadi el Waara just south east of the peaks of Mt. Moses and Mt. St. Catherine , then head west to Wadi Abu Hesheya . Overnight .

Day 5
Ride through Wadi Sebaeya (Valley of Seven) , so named after the seven daughters of Jethro priest of Midian and father in Law to Moses, and Wadi el Rahaba . Overnight in Wadi Tarfa .

Day 6
Ride down Wadi Tarfa to the Mahala and lunch in the oasis of Mayet Zalaga . Afternoon trek over the mountains of Wadi Rimhan to the foot of Jebel Umm Shaumar (the 2nd highest mountain in Sinai and Egypt at 2586 m.) Overnight .

Day 7
Visit the deserted Monastery of Antus and spend the whole day climbing to the summit of Jebel Umm Shaumar . Overnight .

Day 8
Trek back down Wadi Rimhan to Mayet Zalaga and further to Wadi Isla . Visit the hanging oasis of Wadi Thmimien . Overnight .

Day 9
Ride over Nakeb Khatrish to Wadi el Humr (Valley of the Red) . Overnight in the oasis of Gesoub Ebeida .

Day 10
Short morning ride through Wadi el Humr to the hanging oasis of Ain Umm Saida . Afternoon free at leisure in the oasis. Overnight .


Day 11
Ride up Wadi Engerad and over the Nakb el Jandala mountain pass with its ancient leopard trap to Wadi el Yahamad . Overnight in the oasis of Id el Yahamad .

Day 12
All day riding through Wadi el Yahamad and Wadi Sabbah with its deserted Bedouin settlement. Overnight .

Day 13
Morning ride through Wadi Yahamad and Wadi Beida to the asphalt road. After lunch drive back to Dahab.

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