The Bedouin Tent and Camp
The Bedouins have always lived in the long, low, black tents made of goat hair cloth woven by the women.It is therefore called a House of Hair (Bayt Shaar). It is supported by a line of tall central poles in the middle, whilst the front, back and sides are supported by lower poles. The number of poles is an indication of the owner’s wealth and social standing. The men’s living quarter is at the front of the tent and is divided by a curtain from that of the women and children
The tent is very well adapted to desert life. It can be packed up and ready to move within an hour. It is waterproof as the wool and hair from which it is woven expand when wet. It is warm in the cold desert nights and provides shelter from the wind. At midday, when the desert is extremely hot, the sides and back can be rolled up to let the breeze through, and it then offers a shaded and cool space.  
The men’s quarter is also used for receiving guests. The all important coffee hearth is scooped out of the sand in front of it, and the coffee making and serving implements lie nearby. The family lives, sleeps and cooks its food in the quarter.
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