One of the most impressive, unique natural phoenomena in the world, the bordering reef of the Gulf of Aqaba, the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea - remains a fascination of such great note. Looming, seemingly barren mountains cascade into the sea which houses at this juncture a rich, colourful and alive marine habitat. Its importance depends on its ability to sustain itself through a tight food web cycle. Much of its source of nutrient is generated internally as well as from the upwellings of the Gulfs.
As is often pointed out, some of the reef, which grows at a snail's pace eg. of 1cm/year, has been in existence prior to the footsteps of Moses trodden in the sands of Sinai.

Many species are endemic to the region others can be found in various forms in other parts of the world. The Choris Clown fish has cousins in say Australia, a very long way away, yet outwardly, differing slightly in colour and markings only.

There is determined action by those who live and work here to preserve the reef in its glory as is befitting such a natural habitat. It is asked of the visitor to similarly assist in this regard.

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