9 Day Camel Safari
to the ancient Egyptian copper and turquoise mining district.
Day 1
Leave Dahab heading for the oasis of Feran . After lunch at the Greek Orthodox Nunnery , drive further to the Bedouin settlement of Serabit el Khadem Overnight.

Day 2
After packing our equipment onto the backs of our camels and a short lesson in camel riding , ride to the foot of Mt. Serabit for a 3-hour hike to its summit visiting the temple of Hathor (Goddess of

Love and Fertility, Mistress of Turquoise and the Far Lands), the turquoise mines and the Proto Sinaitic inscriptions. Descent to Wadi Baala for lunch and a ride further up the valley. Overnight .

Day 3
Ride through Wadi Baala and Wadi el Zahlouga to a small Bedouin settlement for tea. After lunch visit the turquoise mines of Jebel el Eidideya and overnight in the oasis of Bir el Eidideya .

Day 4
Visit the tomb of Sheikh el Hashash , one of the respected elders of the tribe of Elagat and ride further up to the peak of Jebel Umm Bugma , an old deserted English mining colony , for lunch. Afternoon descend and overnight in Wadi Shallala (Valley of Waterfalls). 

Day 5
Morning 3 hour hike down the gray granite Wadi el Shallala for lunch at the Bedouin settlement of the Valley of 45. Afternoon ride to Wadi Samra and overnight in the Samra canyon .

Day 6
This day takes us through the famous Wadi Baabaa and its many scattered oasis back inland to the spring of Bir Rakiez . Overnight .

Day 7
After visiting the Pharaonic inscriptions of Wadi el Kharij , ride to the oasis of Ain Abu Sur for lunch and further to Wadi al Khiffa. Overnight .

Day 8
All day camel riding back to Serabit Bedouin settlement and overnight in a Bedouin Camp

Day 9
Our 4x4 picks us up and we drive along the Jebel el Tih mountain range to visit the geological phenomenon of the Forest of the Pillars . Further to the inscriptions of Wadi Mukattab and back to Dahab .

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