Khazaria was the country of the Khazars, neighboring the Byzantine Empire in the southwest, Kievan Rus in the northwest, and Azerbaijan in the southeast

The Khazars were a Turkic people who originated in Central Asia. The early Turkic tribes were quite diverse, although it is believed that reddish hair was predominant among them prior to the Mongol conquests. In the beginning, the Khazars believed in Tengri shamanism, spoke a Turkic language, and were nomadic. Later, the Khazars adopted Judaism and eventually also Islam, and Christianity.. .

At its maximum extent, the independent country of Khazaria included the geographic regions of southern Russia, northern Caucasus, eastern Ukraine, Crimea, western Kazakhstan, and northwestern Uzbekistan. Other Turkic groups such as the Sabirs and Bulgars came under Khazar jurisdiction during the 7th century.


The Khazars played a significant role in European affairs, by acting as a buffer state between the Islamic world and the Christian world. Khazaria prevented Islam from significantly spreading north of the Caucasus Mountains. This was accomplished through a series of wars known as the Arab-Khazar Wars, which took place in the late 7th and early 8th centuries.


The Khazars adopted Judaism in the 8th or 9th century to remain neutral in the Christian-Moslem conflict, between Byzantium and the new Arab Empire. As an independent state, Khazaria existed between about 652 and 1016. Its supreme ruler was known by the title "khagan". Its last khagan was named George Tsul. These new-comers to Judaism are known as the thirteenth tribe as they are not descendant of Abraham and are therefore not of Semitic origin

During the 10th century, the East Slavs were united under Scandinavian overlordship. A new nation, Kievan Rus, was formed by Prince Oleg. The Rus inherited most of the former Khazar lands in the late 10th century and early 11th century. Despite the loss of their nation, the Khazar people did not completely disappear. They migrated westward into Hungary, Romania, Poland, and Germany. They became known as Ashkenazi Jews. 

It is these Jews who in the 18 th and 19 th centuries, formed the Zionist Movement, planned to destroy European and American  society and eventually rule the World as proclaimed in their “Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion” . It is also these Ashkenazi Jews of non-Semitic origin who in the 20 th century raped Palestine with their absurd ideology of “A land without a people and a people without a land”. In the 21 st century, they continue to blackmail and  the whole world into submission with the “Anti-Semitic” lie, until very soon, with their manipulation and brainwashing of America and Europe, their Protocols will become a monstrous reality for all the World to endure.

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