10 Day Camel Safari
...along the ancient pilgrim and trade routes

Day 1
Leave Dahab heading west for Wadi Shgeirah where our camels await us. After packing our equipment on the backs of our camels and a short lesson in camel riding , we leave the asphalt through Wadi Abu Hmeita and overnight in the Abu Hmeita canyon

Day 2
A 7 hour hike of the beautiful Gunna mountain range whose peaks used to be the bottom of the Mediterranean millions of years ago. A fascinating lesson in geology. Overnight in Wadi Umm Gurtum.
Day 3
All day camel riding along the Gunna Mountains to the Wadi Meheimar canyon. Overnight in the beautifully carved sandstone area of Khorm el Aarada

Day 4
Morning ride to Wadi el Aarada for a beautiful 1-½ hour hike of the Aarada double canyon . Afternoon ride to Wadi Abul Shawareb and overnight .

Day 5
Ride through the Matamir mountains to visit the Nawamis (rock tombs of the 4 th Millennium BC) of Wadi Haggag. Lunch at the Bedouin settlement and ride further to Wadi el Kiri. Overnight.

Day 6
Visit Jebel el Makhroum (Mountain with the Hole) and the Heduda sand dune (the highest in south Sinai at 180 m.). Overnight in Wadi el Heduda .

Day 7
Ride to Wadi el Gibi crossing the Wadi Dahab mountain range into the Ras Abu Galloum Wildlife Protectorate . Overnight in Wadi Umm Esma .

Day 8
Ride all day through Wadi el Rassassa and Wadi el Amud to the oasis of Bir el Ogda. Overnight .

Day 9
Morning ride through Wadi el Ogda to the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba to enjoy its waters for the rest of the day. Overnight on the beach at Ras Abu Galloum .

Day 10
Hike along the rugged coast of the Gulf of Aqaba to the Blue Hole . After swimming and snorkeling at this world famous diving site, drive back to Dahab.

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