6 Day Jeep Safari
... a cross section of South Sinai

Day 1
Leave Dahab heading north for Nuweiba and further to the Colour Canyon . After a 1 ½ hour hike of this fascinating sandstone area, drive further through Wadi el Ain to Hod Abul Hadj and overnight .

Day 2
Morning trek of the pink granite Wadi el Ain canyon to the oasis of Ain Umm Ahmed and back. Afternoon drive through Wadi Lathi and Wadi Hudra to the oasis of Ain Hudra. Overnight under the palm trees.

Day 3
Drive through Wadi Ghazalla (Valley of the Gazelles) to visit the Nawamis (rock tombs of the 4 th Millennium BC) and the Rock of Inscriptions. After lunch with the Bedouins of Wadi Haggag , drive further to St. Catherine . Afternoon climb to the summit of Mt. Moses (2285 m) and overnight in the Monastery hostel.

Day 4
Visit the Monastery of St. Catherine and drive further to Wadi Feran for lunch at the Greek Orthodox Nunnery and further to visit the 2 nd century BC inscriptions of Wadi Mukattab . Overnight .

Day 4
Drive through Wadi el Sih to visit the geological phenomenon of the Forest of the Pillars . Drive further along the Jebel el Tih (Mountain of the Lost) range to the tomb of Sheikh Habous and further to the Bedouin settlement of Serabit el Khadem . Overnight .

Day 6
Morning climb Mt. Serabit el Khadem to visit the temple of Hathor (Goddess of Love and Fertility, Mistress of Turquoise and the Far Lands), the turquoise mines and the Proto Sinaitic inscriptions. Afternoon drive further to the coast of the Gulf of Suez and back to Dahab.

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