12 Day Camel Safari
... trek through the Tih Plateau of central Sinai

Day 1
Leave Dahab heading west through Wadi Feran to visit the inscriptions of Wadi Mukattab and further to the Forest of the Pillars. Overnight.

Day 2
After packing our equipment onto the backs of our camels and short lesson in camel riding , ride down through Wadi el Wursa to the foot of the Jebel el Tih mountain range for lunch. Afterwards climb to the summit stopping at the hanging wells of Wursa and overnight in Wadi Keheil .

Day 3
Ride along this flat limestone plateau of El Tih with its deeply cut valleys to the water hole of Bir el Maghara . Visit the Bedouin plantation in the mountains (crop according to season) and lunch. Afternoon ride through Wadi Mzeiraa (Valley of Plantations) and overnight at the well of Mayet Gsheitah .

Day 4
Ride further through Wadi Mzeiraa till we stop for lunch at the oasis of Ain Abu Nteiga . Afternoon ride over the mountains to the oasis of Bir Abu Hmeita with its plantations and overnight .


Day 5
Ride along Farsh Yarga to the amazing water filled crevice of Ain Yarga for a free afternoon of swimming in the desert. Overnight in Wadi Yarga .

Day 6
Ride through Wadi Mteirda to the oasis and Bedouin settlement of Ain Hegiya . Overnight .

Day 7
Ride back through Wadi Umm Schrag to Jebel Goz el Radawi for lunch and further through Wadi el Masajed to the wells of Bir el Heweiti . Overnight ,

Day 8
Cross over Jebel Aneiza and Wadi Aneiza to Wadi Abu Treify . Overnight .

Day 9
All day ride and trek till we reach the hanging oasis of Bir Umm Doud . Overnight .

Day 10
This day will be spent in the oasis of Bir Umm Doud enjoying the landscape and resting for a day. Overnight.

Day 11
Ride and trek to Jebel Shoushet Abu Nimrein . Descend the Jebel el Tih to Wadi el Humr and overnight

Day 12
Drive to the coast of the Gulf of Suez in Abu Zneima and further to Dahab.

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